Old Church Creamery

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A note from the creamery | Oct 2018

We have decided to close our business for multiple reasons, but primarily because we are unable to compete with larger processors who have the advantage of economies of scale, thus lower cost, resulting in lower prices for you.

We started our business wanting to serve you, our local community, with a highly nutritious product and we believe we accomplished that goal.

However, the current crisis in the dairy industry is driving many small farmers out of business, and large processors from out-of-state are selling into this market at lower costs in an effort to maintain their own sales.

We thought being the only 100% grass-fed-cow creamery in Virginia, producing the only kefir, and cream-top yogurt in the state, would be enough of a niche market to survive in a tough environment. We were wrong.

Finally, and most importantly for us, we have many family issues now that require our immediate attention.

If raw milk interests you, please consider signing up for a herd share at Creambrook Farm: https://www.creambrookfarm.com/ Our daughter and son-in-law own this farm and lovingly care for our cows. It is the same farm that brought you the milk for Old Church Creamery products. Please visit the “About” tab to read more under “Family Farm.” The all Jersey cows are grass-fed and grazed rotationally around the pastures. They enjoy a 100% grass diet - no grains, antibiotics, or hormones. Kristen and Ben are passionate about 100% grass-based dairying and are transitioning to Organic certification. Every batch of raw milk is tested in their on-farm lab. The creamline milk is delivered to several drop points to include the Shenandoah Valley, Central VA, Williamsburg, and Richmond. For questions, please call Kristen Beichler at 540-290-3721.

If cheese interests you, please contact Patrick Curry at 757-777-7184 or e-mail at FaytonFarmsArtisanCheeses@gmail.com. The "Trinity" line of triple creme cheeses are priced by the ounce and sold by the case only. We use 100% grass fed Jersey cow’s milk from Creambrook Farm to produce these triple crème cheeses.

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Thanks to each of you who supported our business - we will miss you!
- Old Church Creamery