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New Product | July 2018

Fayton Farms Artisan Cheeses now available check them out here.

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A note from the creamery | March 2018

Old Church Creamery is happy to announce our partnership with the David Wenger family of Mole Hill Dairy in Dayton, Virginia. Over the past year, we transitioned to producing only 100% grass-fed milk. However, in the winter months, our cows eat stored hay when fresh grass is not available resulting in lower milk production. As a result, demand for our milk has exceeded our ability to supply our customers. For this reason, we have carefully selected the Wenger family to be another supplier of Old Church Creamery 100% Jersey milk (read more below).



What remains the same: 

Confidence and transparency: You will know the farms that produce milk for your dairy products. It is unique due to the:

- breed of cow (high butterfat, high protein which is principally A2)

- limited number of farms involved (just two)

- low temperature, vat pasteurization

- no hormones

- no antibiotics.

What will change:

The Wenger family farm is not a 100% grass-based dairy. However, the Wengers raise 100% Jerseys cows which are fed primarily (80%) a non-genetically modified (non-GMO) diet.  The non-GMO components are the silage and hay forages and some supplemental pasture when available.  The Wengers feed the cows grain, which presently is most likely to be genetically modified.

Like our family farm, the Wenger family takes excellent care of their cows to produce high quality milk. They have received awards including the Certificate of Good Animal Welfare from their milk cooperative and the Virginia’s Finest Award for high quality milk as well as attaining the highest score for federal inspection of overall cleanliness. 

Old Church Creamery will continue to offer 100% grass dairy products, including yogurt, blackberry yogurt, kefir, and chocolate milk. We will produce 100% grass dairy milk and place a green cap on the top to indicate grass milk.  To meet demand for whole milk, we are producing a blended product from both farms, which we believe to be to have both nutritional and taste advantages to other brands on the market, indicated with a white cap.  We have decided to make this change in order to grow our business and enable us to continuing to provide our customers with unique dairy products.  Thank you for supporting both of these family farms! 


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