We get our milk each week from Creambrook Farm located in Middlebrook, VA.  The Jersey herd is 100% grass-fed, which means they eat fresh pasture, dried hay, and baleage (sweet fermented hay). An all-grass diet allows the beneficial omega 3's and omega 6's of the grass to be fully passed on to you. Feeding even a small amount of grain lowers the level of these beneficial omegas in the milk.

A 100% grass diet is also better on the cows' digestion system which is designed to digest forage, not starchy grains. This means less stress for the cows and extends the lifespan of the cows, allowing them to live their life to the fullest. You can't beat good food and sunshine, and so the Creambrook cows are outside every day of the year.  The cows are moved to fresh pasture at least once every day, often times more than that!

The cows are milked in a simple, low-stress parlor. The pure raw milk is filtered and quickly chilled in a bulk tank in the milk house. Each week, the milk is tested in an on-farm lab. We never use GMOs or synthetic materials on our fields. The farm is transitioning to Organic certification and we uphold strict standards for the farm & cows so that they are healthy to produce the purest milk.