The Jersey breed is known to produce the highest quality milk in the world.  Although yielding significantly less per milking than a traditional Holstein breed, the Jersey milk is high in butterfat, protein, and healthy enzymes.  Because of the supreme quality of their milk, we choose to handle it as little as possible, employing a low temperature pasteurization.  This milk is the base for our probiotic products.  

Our Jersey cows spend the majority of their days on pastures. In addition to fresh grass, they eat hay and silage each morning after milking.  They are supplemented a small amount of farm-grown corn and soybeans to help balance their diet and improve milk production.

We do not use any synthetic fertilizers, insecticides, or herbicides on our pastures. We also regularly spread wood chips and composted cow manure to build up soil tilth. All of these sustainable practices improve the quality of the pastures on which our cows thrive.